Anton Van Iersel founded Burton, Van Iersel & Whitney over 20 years ago with Chris Burton, and it was clear from the outset that they wouldn’t be translating handbooks and instruction manuals. Given their keen interest in theatre, it’s no surprise that they chose to focus on corporate communications, where language has to convey a real message.

Shortly after founding the company in 1993, Anton and Chris launched a targeted mailing campaign – and this won them their first client: the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Europe’s largest applied research organisation clearly understood the need for effective communication in its media and public relations activities. To this day, Fraunhofer regards BVIW as a trusted corporate communications partner.

Anton Van Iersel

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BVIW’s work has always set out to offer more than just translation. Everything Chris translated, Anton would edit and vice versa. Together they formed a powerful team that soon proved how essential it is to have a quality translation service if corporate communications are to be successful.

With a personal and career background spanning various countries, Anton has an in-depth understanding of international marketing and sales. His many years of professional experience are the bedrock of his capacity to express himself in an engaging, compelling way. Added to that is his ability to work his way into a topic until he is in a position to pass ideas on with absolute accuracy. He has developed entire communication campaigns for companies with global reach.

Anton is driven by a desire to connect with the people who represent our clients, and this is an imperative his company shares. He believes that if your work is of truly outstanding quality, then you should be willing to put your name to it – as he does: Burton, Van Iersel & Whitney.

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